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Housekeeper could take care about your clothes: washing, ironing

or take on your clothes to dry-cleaning.

Leave your clothes and complete the form for the housekeeper. Tick the necessary items: laundry, ironing. You can choose hourly payment (1000 rub per hour). You can pay immediately by cash. If you prefer to pay by credit card, bank transfer, or need for additional services (dry cleaning), contact your manager for processing services.

Shirt (washing + ironing) - 200 rubles
Shirt (only ironing without washing) - 150 rubles
Trousers (washing and ironing) - 300 rubles
Jeans (washing and ironing) - 200 rubles
Sweater (hand-wash and ironing) - 300 rubles
Underwear (washing and ironing) - 150 rubles†

Find and complete the special form for Laundry Service for housekeeper in apartment or call Service Department +8 495 761 41 61;† + 7 985 761 41 61