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Moscow Houses. Tverskaya 6 and Tverskaya 8

  • All apartments which provided by Intermark Serviced Apartments are located in the most city-center and have interesting stories. Please, be sure that buildings really have historical value.

    Buildings in Moscow city-center have different in architecture, plans and historical period. For our guests we choose buildings on the first lines also in the quite areas. This article you will find some stories about the most popular places!

    Tverskaya, 6

    You will find several constructions with the address Tverskaya, 6. But we found information about the most important.

    ID 0201, ID 0223, ID 0226 , ID 0314, ID 0317, ID 0318

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  • Tverskaya 6 constr. 1 (first line) is living house, was built in 1938 by architect A.G. Mordvinov and the engineer P.A. Krasil’nikov. The Cultural heritage.

  • Tverskaya 6 constr. 3. The house of the cooperative “Krest’yanskaya gazeta”, was built in 1927-1930 by architect N.A. Ladovskiy.

  • Tverskaya 6 constr. 6 is one of the most interesting objects! Usually historians call this building “Savvinskoe podvor’e”. This house was built in 1905-1907 by architect I.S. Kuznetsov in pseudo-russian style. This style imitates Russian architecture of XVII century with central arch and towers with spires. The yard is closed by the walls and looks like as a well.

    During the dates of reconstruction of Tverskaya street (Gor’kogo street) in 1937-1939 this building was moved to 50 metres. 3d of March in 1939 by special technology this house (above 23 thousand tons) was stood to special rails and moved to the new place with all peoples inside of the building.

    Now our guests could see this building inside of the yard of Tverskaya, 6 every day. We found the new, funny point of interest in this yard. The orange van is the new symbol and navigator of this house.

  • Tverskaya, 8

    ID 0213, ID 0225.

    Tverskaya 8 is living house was built by architect A.G. Mordvinov. The famos residents of this house: the poet Dem’yan Bedniy, the composer V.G. Zakharov. The writer Y. Shishkov spent his last year in this house. In Soviet times in this building were two shops: “Academic book” and “Moskva”. Nowdays the book store “Moskva” occupies first floor of this building. Earlier on this place was a building where in 1833 V.G. Belinskiy lived.