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Check-in procedure

What you should know about the check-in procedure:

1. We make check-in 24/7, and any time of year!

2. Our company will take care about the guest immediately after we get contact info and flight details (train time). We follow the schedule and choose the time for taxi or contact the guest for the coordination.

3. We will definitely wait for the guest! Even if the guest is delayed, manager will not leave the apartment as long as necessary.

What we need to know about the guest:

- Contact telephone number of the guest or his coordinator / driver.

- The arrival time, flight / train to check the online table for flight delay or the exact time of his arrival.

- At check-in we need to take a photo of the passport for Agreement or temporary registration of foreign citizens. T

he check-in:

1-5 days before arrival ... You send us: phone number, flight arrival time. We send you the manager mobile number and map, reservation conformation with full details of the apartment.

Arrival day: The manager calculate the time of arrival (based on actual data of the online table, etc.), takes the keys in the office (the number of sets of keys need to be clarified in request), and documents.

An hour before: Manager arrives at the apartment to check the apartment: light, electricity, equipment. Usually guest calls to manager from the airport / train station / subway to confirm the time of arrival.

15 minutes before arrival… Manager calls to a guest again and coordinate his route (if it is necessary).

Check-in: Manager meets guest in the apartment or near the entrance. Explains how to open the door to the building, shows how to open the door to the apartment. Manager shows the guest apartment, room equipment. Describes the rules and shows instructions to TV and the Internet. Answers questions about the apartment, and customer service. Next: guest fills in the necessary documents like a Guest form, sign Guest rules, fills the Agreement form , payment form or pays by cash. Please note, we do not accept foreign currency! Do not forget that for any question you can call to Hot line 24/7: +7 985 761 41 61.

Have a good time in our apartment!

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