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Breakfasts with Intermark Serviced Apartments

How to add a Breakfast:

1. Choose the café near your apartment on a map. Discuss with your booking manager the quantity and type of breakfasts.

2. Manager will calculate the amount of breakfast per stay. We laid a deposit on card according to the number of breakfasts and you can pay by card like cash (about 500 rur. per 1 breakfast). You can spend more or less sum for every day. If you lose the card, the funds will be cancelled.

3. Upon arrival, the check-in manager will give you a deposit card and instructions for breakfast with the map.

4. Order a breakfast and give your card to the waiter in the cafe.

You can leave us your card or take it with you at check-out. Money for unused Breakfast is non-refundable.

Rosinter Restaurants: Costa Coffee, IL Patio, Planeta Sushi, TGI Fridays, American Grill pub and others.

Rosinter Restaurants provides cafes and restaurants with Italian, Japanese, European and american kitchen.

m. Mayakovskaya  (1-t Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 2, constr. 1)

        work-time:  10-00  till  24-00

m. Smolenskaya (Smolenskaya street, 3)

        work-time:  10-00 till 23-00     

 m. Novoslobodskaya (Novoslobodskaya street, 3)

        work-time:   09-00 till 24-00

Price: approximately 300 rubles per person


Starbucks - the best grades of coffee. For breakfast you can choose sandwiches, baguettes, muffins, and of course the perfect coffee. Cafes are located close to the apartment Intermark.

m. Belorusskaya ( «White square» business center  Butyrskiy val,  10) 

work-time: 07-00 -23-00  

m. Belorusskaya (1-Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 21)

  work-time:  07-00 - 23-00

m. Mayakovskaya (Gasheka, 6)

       work-time:  07-00 till 23-00

m. Tsvetnoy blvrd (Smolenskaya-Samotechnaya street, 24/27)

       work-time: 07-30 till 23-00

m. Paveletskaya (Paveletskaya sq., 2, constr.2)

       work-time: 07-00 till 23-00

m. Paveletskaya (Paveletskaya sq, 1 )

      work-time: 07-00 till 23-00

Deposit on the card from 500 rubles per 1 breakfast! 

Accommodation + breakfast = happy guests!

Thank you for choosing Intermark Serviced Apartments.