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Terms and conditions for short-term rentals in Moscow with Intermark

Rates for serviced apartments in Moscow

All rates are per serviced apartment, per night.

All rates are in rubles.

All rates are given before VAT. VAT is applicable to Russian companies and foreign companies that do not have an accredited branch or representative office in Russia. However, VAT is not applicable in many cases according to Russian legislation. For example, VAT is not applicable to foreign citizens and accredited representative offices from Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, the U.S., the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, India and many other countries. Our reservations managers will inform you at the time of making the reservation, whether VAT is applicable in your case or not.

Rates for temporary accommodation in Moscow include services (as per the Services Section) and all communal utilities such as charges for electricity and water and gas, as well as charges for satellite television.

Reservation procedure for short-term rent of Moscow apartments

For urgent requests about the availability of Moscow serviced apartments, please call us at +7 (495) 22-189-22 (office), + 7 (985) 410-59-37 (mobile).

The general reservation procedure for short-term accommodation is as follows:

a) for companies with a Moscow office1

1. Please fill in an on-line request form to check the availability of your chosen apartment(s).

2. We will then promptly check the apartment's status and:

a) If the serviced apartment is available for the requested dates, we will prepare a lease agreement to be signed by the company. The lease agreement specifies the apartment, the duration of stay, the price and the payment terms.

b) If the serviced apartment is not available for the requested dates, we will try our best to offer you an alternative.

3. After the lease agreement has been signed, the apartment will be reserved and a time will be set to meet at the apartment on your arrival date (if necessary). Typically, our representative meets your employee in their new residence to welcome them, hand over the keys and answer any last-minute questions about the apartment.

1 - Please note that companies without a Moscow representative office can follow the same procedure as companies with a Moscow office. However, we will require the lease agreement to be sent to your home country to be properly signed and stamped. Alternatively, the person signing on behalf of the foreign company should have Power of Attorney to sign the agreement in Moscow.

b) for individual clients

1. Please fill in an online request form to check the availability of your chosen apartment(s).

2. We will then promptly check the short-term apartment's availability status and:

a) If the serviced apartment is available for the requested dates, we will ask you to make a pre-payment (by credit card, by bank transfer, or in cash). Generally, we ask for pre-payment in full for stays less than 30 nights. For longer periods, monthly pre-payments are possible. After the pre-payment has been received, the apartment will be reserved for you.

b) If the serviced apartment is not available for the requested dates, we will try our best to offer you a suitable alternative.

3. After the serviced apartment in Moscow has been reserved for you, we will give you the address of the apartment and agree on a time to meet at the apartment upon your arrival in Moscow.

4. When you arrive at the temporary accommodation in Moscow (apartment), we require that you sign a lease agreement that specifies the duration of your stay, the price and your mode of payment.

Important notes for both corporate and individual clients:

After you have submitted an online reservation request form, we will confirm the availability of the requested serviced apartment in Moscow by e-mail or by phone within 24 hours (usually much more quickly), except for forms submitted on Friday afternoon, Saturdays and Sundays. These will be processed Monday morning.

We also try to answer urgent questions about the availability of Moscow serviced apartments at the weekend by phone: + 7 (495) 410-5937 (mobile).

Disclaimer by Intermark Serviced Apartments

  • We fully guarantee only those reservations accompanied by either:

    a pre-payment (for individuals)
  • or a signed lease agreement (for companies).

    Please keep in mind that the availability status of temporary apartments may change at any point in time. Although we do our best to provide you with accurate information about an apartment's availability when you submit your request, we cannot guarantee that the apartment(s) will still be available after you complete the process of reserving it.

    Should you indicate that you are interested in making a reservation for a particular serviced apartment in Moscow, your Intermark consultant may at his/her discretion give you a verbal or written indication of a period of time within which you can confirm your intention to reserve the apartment in one of the following ways: a) by making a pre-payment (for individuals); or b) by signing a lease agreement (for companies). This waiting period may vary from 30 minutes to several hours or even days, depending on the demand for the particular apartment during the given season.

    Should you fail to support your intention to reserve the apartment by the appropriate actions mentioned above, your Intermark consultant will be free to make a reservation for the apartment in question for another person/company and will not be liable for not reserving the apartment for you.

Mode of payment for temporary accommodation in Moscow

You can make a payment / pre-payment for your reservation of a serviced apartment in Moscow either:

  • in cash 

  • by bank transfer

  • by credit card

Which credit cards do we accept for payment  for Moscow serviced apartments?

We accept the following credit cards (except Electron versions):

  • Visa International
  • MasterCard/EuroCard (except Maestro)
  • JCB International
  • STB-Card
  • American Express

If your card has the words "electronic use only" or "Electron" on it, we cannot accept payments from your card.

In order to receive your credit card payment (via mail order):

1. We require that you fax us a reservation request form signed by you and stating that you would like to pay by credit card for your serviced apartment and that you agree to our cancellation policy.

2. In addition, we require you either to e-mail a scan of both sides of your credit card or fax us a clear, readable photocopy of the card. This is a security measure required by the company. 

Check-in and check-out policy of Intermark Serviced Apartments

Check-in time for all serviced apartments begins at 2p.m. Check-out time is by noon.

Early check-in and late check-out (before 6p.m.) require an extra payment of 50% of one day's rent. Check-out later than 6p.m. requires an extra payment of one day's rent.

Please check with your Intermark consultant in advance to discuss the possibility of early check-in or late check-out.

Cancellation policy (if you need to cancell your reservation for serviced apartments in Moscow)

a) For companies with a Moscow office: The cancellation policy is set forth in the lease agreement that we sign with the company. In general, pre-termination of the lease agreement is not allowed.

b) For individual clients: You are entitled to receive a full refund should you cancel your reservation 5 calendar days prior to the arrival date stated on your reservation form.

Should you cancel your reservation less than 5 calendar days before the arrival date stated in your reservation form, there shall be no refund of the pre-payment that you made at the time of your reservation.

Privacy policy

Intermark is committed to protecting your privacy. Under no circumstances will we sell, rent, trade or otherwise provide your personal information to others. Your personal information shall be used solely to process your request / feedback / reservations.

Accommodation with pets

For staying less then 30 days we take Deposit by cash (or bye Payment form) 25 000 Russian Rubles, plus 500 Russian rubles per day. For staying more than 30 days we take just Deposit.

Requests (Any questions in regards to Moscow short-term rent or temporary accommodation)

Above are the outlined terms & conditions for renting our serviced apartments. If you are unsure about anything, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +7 (495) 22 189 22 (office),  +7 (495) 410-5937 (mobile). We will do our best to answer your questions promptly.

Please also check the Frequently Asked Questions section of this site.